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About Us

For more than Two years, the "Gujarat Tiles Info" label has been promoting the image and content of the Indian ceramic industry – tiles, sanitaryware and Others – in domestic markets. It stands for tradition, quality, innovation and creativity as well as for a guarantee of Made in India production.

As the institutional image of the Gujarat ceramic industry, the label safeguards the reputation and promotes awareness of Confindustria Ceramica member companies and their products through a range of activities, including participation in trade shows, promotional and advertising campaigns and institutional events, initiatives that aim to support the activities of the individual companies in domestic and international markets.

"Gujarat Tiles Info"  embodies the will of the Gujarat ceramic tile industry to promote the awareness and esteem of India ceramic tiles amongst domestic and international users, to elevate the status of these products from where building materials to fully-fledged furnishing elements capable of enhancing the value of the projects in which they are used.

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We can provide call services to dealers all over india who is direct purchase tiles and sanitaryware from morbi.

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